(c) 2008 Grace Dunklin

Pointy Stick Productions exists to glorify God by faithfully developing in young talent both the desire and the ability to impact their culture for Christ through the use of motion pictures.

Our mission is to provide home-schooled students in the Coweta-Fayette area unique opportunities to create high quality independent films for the general public that present an inherently Christian world-view.


Pointy Stick Productions will remain keenly aware of Godís ownership of and active Providential participation in all that it is or does; will become economically self-sustaining while remaining a not-for-profit entity by producing high quality films that are award winning and that garner distribution contracts; will gain experience and recognition for its students for the purpose of furthering their future college or career aspirations; will become a resource and inspiration for other aspiring Christian home school filmmakers.



Working together as whole families, we teach our youth movie-making theory and technique, business skills, project management and teamwork through the hands-on experience learning model.  We guide them in developing film projects that are challenging, fun, educational, and that provide family friendly entertainment.  We provide them the material, educational and spiritual support necessary to explore their creativity while at the same time maintaining God-honoring behavior both during the creative process and in the final product.

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